I found Surma an absolute delight to work with.  She is easy to talk to and very intuitive.  Surma has a gift of being an amazingly effective counsellor with her unique talent of listening, remembering, and re-interpreting ideas in a way that gives a completely new and refreshing perspective.  She is an inspiration! – G.A

We were both nervous and apprehensive about our first couples counselling but we needn’t have been to be as Surma put us at ease from start to finish and was very professional and quick to pinpoint the problems. First Class service and would highly recommend her services.  – Emma & Gary

I have found Shanti Counselling amazing. Surma has helped me understand myself a lot more. She has given me the support that I didn’t realise was available until I took myself to counselling and I would honestly recommend her therapy. – Young Male

We have been able to renew our relationship, with the help of Surma, by her giving us the chance to find new ways of communicating with each other and remembering why we decided to be together all those years ago.  She is patient, appropriately humorous, and was neutral to both sides in order to get the best perspective. We thank her greatly. – Anonymous Couple

Working with Surma was a pleasure. She’s a very kind-hearted lady with good listening skills. I always looked forward to our sessions at the weekends as I didn’t feel comfortable truly opening up with my family or friends.
I’m 25 and it was my first time attending councilling so I didn’t know what to expect. I did, however, learn that anxiety is more common than I thought and having someone to talk to truly helps. I would definitely recommend working with Surma to first-time go-ers like myself or anyone seeking a new counsellor.
Our sessions were in a nice peaceful room on a quiet residential road where we were undisturbed. Surma used a number of techniques on me to manage my anxiety and gain a sense of confidence. Since working together, I feel like I have made great progress. When I begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed, I think of the things we worked on and discussed which helps put me in a calmer state.
Counselling is indeed expensive however the progress that will be achieved will outweigh the thought of the money being spent.
– Male 25